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Full nameintensity-based GABA-sensing fluorescent biosensor
Readout MethodIntensity
Pubmed ID31308547
Source Year2019
Source JournalNat Methods
Source AuthorMarvin JS, Shimoda Y, Magloire V, Leite M, Kawashima T, Jensen TP, Kolb I, Knott EL, Novak O, Podgorski K, Leidenheimer NJ, Rusakov DA, Ahrens MB, Kullmann DM, Looger LL
Other Sources
Addgene number112172
ComponentsIgG secretion signal | Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf266 2-276 | SFGFP 147-238 | linker | SFGFP 1-146 | Pf622 277-320 | Myc epitope | PDGFR transmembrane domain 513-561
Sensing Element
Fluorescent ProteinsSFGFP
Unimolecular?Unimolecular Bimolecular or other
BS Family
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