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Field Current ValueUpdated change
Full nameiSeroSnFR
Readout MethodIntensity
Pubmed ID33333022
Source Year2020
Source JournalCell
Source AuthorUnger EK, Keller JP, Altermatt M, Liang R, Matsui A, Dong C, Hon OJ, Yao Z, Sun J, Banala S, Flanigan ME, Jaffe DA, Hartanto S, Carlen J, Mizuno GO, Borden PM, Shivange AV, Cameron LP, Sinning S, Underhill SM, Olson DE, Amara SG, Temple Lang D, Rudnick G, Marvin JS, Lavis LD, Lester HA, Alvarez VA, Fisher AJ, Prescher JA, Kash TL, Yarov-Yarovoy V, Gradinaru V, Looger LL, Tian L
Other Sources
Addgene number128484
ComponentsIGK|OpuBC30-106|linker|cpsfGFP|linker|OpuBC107-305|Myc Epitope|PDGFR TM
Sensing ElementOpuBC
Fluorescent ProteinscpsfGFP
Unimolecular?Unimolecular Bimolecular or other
BS Family
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