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Full name
Readout MethodIntensity
Pubmed ID29483642
Source Year2018
Source JournalNat Chem Biol
Source AuthorPiatkevich KD, Jung EE, Straub C, Linghu C, Park D, Suk HJ, Hochbaum DR, Goodwin D, Pnevmatikakis E, Pak N, Kawashima T, Yang CT, Rhoades JL, Shemesh O, Asano S, Yoon YG, Freifeld L, Saulnier JL, Riegler C, Engert F, Hughes T, Drobizhev M, Szabo B, Ahrens MB, Flavell SW, Sabatini BL, Boyden ES
Other Sources
Addgene number108421
ComponentsArchaerhodopsin 3 T56P/P60S/S80P/D95H/T100S/T118I/F162V/ T184I/L199I/A227C
Sensing ElementArchaerhodopsin 3 T56P/P60S/S80P/D95H/T100S/T118I/F162V/ T184I/L199I/A227C
Fluorescent ProteinsArchaerhodopsin 3 T56P/P60S/S80P/D95H/T100S/T118I/F162V/ T184I/L199I/A227C
Unimolecular?Unimolecular Bimolecular or other
BS Family
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