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Full nameligand-gated ion channels cell-based neurotransmitter fluorescent engineered reporters
Readout MethodFRET
Pubmed ID21305050
Source Year2011
Source JournalPLoS One
Source AuthorYamauchi JG, Nemecz Á, Nguyen QT, Muller A, Schroeder LF, Talley TT, Lindstrom J, Kleinfeld D, Taylor P
Other Sources
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Componentsα7-Ric3 nicotinic receptor || TN-XXL Ca2+Biosensor
Sensing Elementα7-Ric3 nicotinic receptor
Fluorescent ProteinsECFP | cp174 Citrine (TN-XXL)
Unimolecular?Unimolecular Bimolecular or other
BS Family
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