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Full nameGreen Calcium Fluorescent Indicator
Sensing Typebinding
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Affected biosensors

NameFull nameTargetPubmed ID
GCaMPGreen Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+11175727
GCaMP2Green Calcium Fluorescent Indicator 2Ca2+16537386
GCaMP3Green Calcium Fluorescent Indicator 3Ca2+19898485
GCaMP6fGCaMP6 fastCa2+23868258
GCaMP6sGCaMP6 slowCa2+23868258
GCaMP6mGCaMP6 mediumCa2+23868258
G-CaMP 3-8 (Nakai Variants)Ca2+23240011
GCaMP-R-6sGreen Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+28195691
GCaMP-R-6fGreen Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+28195691
GCaMP-R-3Green Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+28195691
MatryoshCaMP6sGreen Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+28874729
sfMatryoshCaMP6sGreen Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+28874729
sfMatryoshCaMP6s-T78HGreen Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+28874729
GCaMP3fastGreen Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+26527405
GCaMP3brightGreen Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+26527405
GCaMP2.2LowGreen Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+24871564
GCaMP-HSGreen Calcium Fluorescent IndicatorCa2+21383146